Area51 Recording Studios

Having started his career as an audio engineer in the pre digital late 1970´s, Tommy gained much experience and expertise in the world of analog recording.
At Area 51 Recording Studios Tommy has retained the positive aspects of the analog world merging them with the endless possibilities of digital production allowing him the freedom of choice to move between and within the two.
“For me the beauty of the two together is that it gives a wonderfully creative freedom and highly efficient workflow and enables the way back to a natural dynamic maintaining the warmth of the analog sound, avoiding the harsh overdriven loudness war, which purely digital recordings can lead to“
Area 51 comprises high spec. industry digital standard equipment alongside high end analog classics, such as Neve, SSL , Summit Audio etc.
At the heart of the recording is a Pro Tools HD 3 Excel rig which is clocked via an Antelope Atomic Wordclock Generator with 3 192 audio interfaces which leads into a Vintage Design SU24 Custom analog summing amp via Vovox cabling.
Tommy masters on a Sadie 5 DAW in combination with an Apogee Rosetta 800 ADDA convertor in Redbook format in DDP standard which is also clocked to the Antelope Atomic Wordclock Generator.
The control room is 38 sq. metres, the vocal recording room "The Blue Room" is 12 sq. metres and the drum recording room "The Pool of Rock" extends to 30 sq. meters and boasts a ceiling height of 4.5 meters.

"Area 51 Recording Studios - the best of both worlds."